About Us

Macleons Enterprises, is a design agency dedicated to graphic design and printing. We characterize ourselves by our commitment to the artistry and functionality for all of our projects, our high quality standards, and the total satisfaction of our clients (corporate and small-to-mid sized businesses).

We specialize in:-

a) Complex corporate media solutions.
b) Corporate Image and Marketing
c) Highly creative Adverts
d) Professional logo and corporate identity development.
e) Content-related support.
f) Marketing materials such as banner, brochures, flyers, posters,
g) Magazines

We have our own style. Our works stand out in design, for we never imitate somebody else's ideas. Our staff consists of specialized professionals, which allows us to create design solutions of any complexity level, with the same high efficiency for any marketing level — from small businesses to corporations.

Solutions, provided by Macleons Enterprises are designed for modern corporations, companies and small businesses, which plan to expand their market to the and provide their clients with useful, reliable market.

Our Business
We want to share our mission, vision and objectives with you. For us it is very important that you know the serious commitment we have with these principles and that you find at Macleons Enterprises, the responsibility you are looking for in a provider for each one of your projects.

Working with our small closely-knit team results in several advantages. Direct Principal and Project Manager Involvement are possible throughout all the phases of the project to ensure quality in every aspect of our work. Communications are direct, rather than moving through administrative levels, allowing time to be spent efficiently working on our clients' projects. Our direct approach enables us to be dynamic and adapt quickly to changes and requests; responses are fast and the most stringent deadlines can be met.

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